reef chili ?s


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i see it for sale on ebay it sounds pretty good but i would like to hear what people that have used it have to say
good,bad, is it worth it
I use it almost every day and it works really well. Corals open up much more now and my fish go crazy when I put it in.
Are you guys using the freeze dried version. I've heard great things about the frozen brand, but not much about the dry stuff. It's certainly much more convenient not to have to overnight ship it.
IslandCrow, have you seen a frozen version?? I'd be interested in that for sure. I made the mistake of falling into the groove of feeding flake foods. Probably because it was so convenient. But now, I only feed Reef Chili, Cyclopeeze and Selcon. May even start growing Phyto and rotifers again.
I use it and it seems to work well with good coral growth and polyp extension. I use 2x per week.
When reef chili first came out, I'm pretty sure it was frozen, though I could be thinking of something else. They may not even sell it anymore (assuming it's not a figment of my imagination). I haven't used either myself.

Oh, wait, the website does in fact say that it used to be sold frozen. I guess I'm not crazy after all.
yeah they went with the freeze dried version for cheaper shipping so it wouldn't have to be over nighted
i will try it sounds pretty good
I use reef chili to feed my corals. I bought the freeze dried from I really like it.
Check out Coral Frenzy too
Both products are good to supplement.

Turn off the pumps and the power heads and let it sit in there for like an hour. The coral open up big. I only do it once - twice a week though.
i use it 3x a week and i can tell when i forget to add it to my feed my fish aren't as excited as they are with the chilli in it.
Golden Pearls 5-50 Micron from it's cheaper and you will get better results. I use it daily and it makes a difference.

Also if it isn't less than 100 microns in size most coral polyps are not eating it. You can verify this by doing some searchs and also Eric Borneman has written several articles addressing the size needed to target feed SPS. That being said I have just found that the 5-50 micron GP works the best and it lasts a long time evening feeding everyday which you really do not need to.

Hope that helps give you an option.

well already ordered the chili but i will keep the brine shrimp eggs in mind
but i guess it could be different but brine shrimp have no nutritional value for fish so are the eggs different for the corals
Brine shrimp direct is the name of the company. golden pearls are as follows....

Ingredients: Fish protein, whey, yeast and yeast extracts, marine fish oil, phospholipids, astaxanthin, vitamin and mineral premixes, anti-oxidants. Proximate analysis: Protein, 60%; Lipids, 18%; Ash, 15%; Moisture, 8%; Vitamin C, 1,000 ppm; Vitamin E, 400 ppm; Astaxanthin, 500 pp