Reef club meeting


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When and where is the next meeting occurring? I have 2 new visitors to bring, as well as myself and hubby.


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I want to say the first Friday or Saturday of the month and usually they float the venue around member's houses.

If you guys have a meeting in February, I'd really like to try to make it this time. I might be able to drag a few other Chico Reefer's with me too.


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the meetings are on the 1st fiday of every month.i will find out were it is going to be and post it up here.

thanks micaiah


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Let us know and I'll see what troops we can round up for the trip and show. ;) So just to be on the same page: The first Friday of the month of February is Feb 1, 2008 and is not this Friday but next? Right?



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As it turns out my failure to schedule things on my calendar and only post the invitation with a push pin below it... I won't be able to make it to the feb 1st mtg. I have a good friend here in Chico who's having her grand opening for her photography studio that night. I'll try again soon. However, with the MARS frag swap March 1st may blow any extra cash I have for travelling that month. Thanks anyways - (though I hadn't received directions yet anyway) ;)

Hope you guys have a good meeting.