Reef Club near Arcadia?


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Hi, i was wondering if theres a reef club near arcadia? the last club i was in (maslac) doesnt exist anymore.

from what i can tell, SFVR and SCRK are both an hour or so away with traffic.

Are there any others?


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I go to scrk and Sfvr. It's not an hour. Especially on a Sunday. Takes me 30 min for both and I'm in Glendale.

There's no club near Arcadia.


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Hi Sam, SFVR meetings and events are not that far from Arcadia. I work in Pasadena and I go to Arcadia and SGV a lot and on Sundays (when we have our meetings and events) the traffic is super light. We also shuffle around our event locations which means that sometimes they will be closer to Arcadia. Visit the website for more info or let me know if you have any questions.


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I drive down to the SCRK meetings and it's never taken me more than a half an hour to make it down from my place to long beach on a sunday afternoon..