Reef dynamics bio pellet reactor problem

Bob Nell

New member
I came home to a flood due to the top flange (transition piece on their diagram) that came apart and overflowed the sump because it was too close to the edge.

Take this as a beware to any of you who may be using this reactor.

I need advice on a repair. Do I use primer and pvc?

Thank you
I have friend of mine and he has larger version of the reactor and his tank crashed due to leak in top flange where top piece is attached to the body via plastic weld and shorted his circuit breaker, pump shut down and water circulation stoped while he was at work and ll his fishes died due to lack of oxygen. We tryed using weld on thicker version and it started leaking again, so far we have not messed with it yet

Bob Nell

New member
Sorry to hear.

Mine separated completely at the grey flange joint. I got some info to use pvc cement as a repair, which is expected to be like new. I was also told that the original construction involved a plastic weld and this fail was a surprise???

I expect to put it back in use soon.