Reef Octopus BH 100F Problems


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Hey guys, having some problems with this hang on skimmer i bought recently. For those who dont know the skimmer it looks similiar to this....


the system requires you to connect a hose from the pump to the water inlet pipe when you start the system and then shut off the pipe inlet and pull the hose off in order to start the syphoning effect moments after turning it on. Sounds confusing i know.

This in it self is rather difficult to time correctly but i have done it no worries. However i have found that over a few hours the water level in the first section where the water is sucked in from the tank and pumped through the pump gradually gets lower to a point where the pump intake cannot reach it. I have a suspicion that there must be air getting into the inlet pipe causing the syphon effect to weaken after a while.

Does anyone have any ideas or encountered similiar problems with this skimmer?


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i have that skimmer and had the same problem, so i cut that valve off and super glued it shut and i placed a pump in the intake and start it that way and it has not lost suction in about 6 months.