Reef Octopus Media Reactors for Sale 110 & 140


Hey Guys,

I am selling my Reef Octopus Media Reactors.

These work for Biopellets, Carbon and GFO.

The 110 does not usually have the check valve but I got a spare check valve and added it to it.

Since there are no moving parts, there isn't anyting to wear out so other than appearance, they are "as new"

They use a piece of screen at the bottom of the cup at the top to keep the media from leaving the chamber. On the smaller 110 the screen may need to be replaced depending on the size of the media you want to use. This is standard screen material - make your own from Home Depot or Lowes porch screen.

I was using a piece of foam instead of the screen.

There are no pumps included.

Online a new Br-110 is $185 - How about $100 for the small

Online a new BR-140 for $230 - How about $150 for the large.

I am open to green bills, or would be willing to trade for livestock.

Let me know what you have.

Will also include plenty of pod loaded chaeto (if you want it)

Pick up is Encino or Van Nuys. I don't fee like boxing and shipping. You don't have to buy both of these, I am happy to sell to two different reefers.

Dave B

Both together for size comparison

Large Reactor - BR140

Small Reactor - BR110


I can't believe nobody has even made an offer on these two reactors..... Come on entice me, I'm not greedy.