Reef or plain salt water tank lingo,slang


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Getting into a salt water tank I am seeing things like:

bio mass

Please fill me in on this new verbage I must learn.


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there are many and there's even an entire thread about it somwhere here...

but these two:
frags-- pieces of larger coral colonies that are physically removed with razor blades, hammer, saw, clippers, etc. to propagate them.

bio mass-- basically the volume of "living stuff" in a tank.


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frags are fragments of a parent coral, basically growing a cutting from a larger coral. Biological mass or load is the amount of waste your system, bacterial and mechanical, can break down. Say you have 10 small chromis in a given size tank, or two large tangs. the bio load of the tank with tangs would probably be more since they are much bigger, have more waste and are messy eaters. That's my understanding of it anyway