Reef Ready tank for sale

30g aquarium fully plumbed 1 inch drain 3/4 return
30.5 L x 13W x 18H
Euro Brace

29g acrylic sump also drilled with 1 inch bulk head but caped at moment
matal aquarium stand height is 35inches tall
mag 5 return pump
40 pounds of Fiji rock
40 pounds of Sand
Durso stand pipe
Tunze turbelle nanotream 6025

There is no part outs this is being sold as a set.

All for $250 cash

Tank is viewable from 3 sides has black over flow on left hand side








Still available. Also if you have a controller willing to trade. Also willing to sell for $200 with out the tunze stream.

PS: No not a PS3 controller something like an RK1-2
still available new price with out the tunze 6025 is $200 Firm.

so its the sump stand sand rock all the plumbing pump with returns all in the pic durso etc.
i put the tunze 6025 in my 180g penninsula tank.

Hence the price drop for this set up is now $200


Great set up. for a starter or for someone looking for a nano size tank. The tank is currently up and running. If you are interested you can come by and check it out.