Reef safe glue or epoxy?


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I got this idea of making artificial caves using pvc pipes. I was planning on buying a few wide ones shaving off some of the plastic making holes etc then covering it in a reef safe glue and rolling it in some live rock rubble, aragonite, or just normal sand.

what glues or epoxies could I use?


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That sounds like a lot of glue to me. But maybe I'm not sure exactly what your trying to do? Silicone is reef safe. I also used AquaMend from lowes - its a fiberglass putty. But I never used a lot of it so I dont know what effect it would have. You should do a search on people who have used foam products. They have created lots of cool shapes with this. Either way, post pics okay?


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there are foam projects in the DIY section of the forum

Also i use superglue, aquamend....and i have heard ppl using different kinds of liquid resin


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My buddy used a lot of cans of the foam on the hole back wall of his 320gallon tank looks bad as$. It took a lot of live rock to do it but looks sweet..And no prob.. with the live stock