Reef & Shark


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Hi guys,
im looking at upgrading my 4 foot tank to something around 3 foot x 6 foot x 2 1/2 foot. im looking at keeping my current coral, live rock and clams and transfering it all over into the new tank.
im interested in keeping a shark such as a bamboo, an eel (snowflake) and then probabaly a school of anthias. do u think this kinda of setup would be successful with my old 4 foot (70 gallons) tank being used as my sump?

any suggestions of are appreciated.


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while having a good surf of the net, i realised that the Epaulette Shark (Hemiscylium ocellatum) would probably be a better option especially considering i live in Austarlia and they get to a max size of 25 inches. would it then also be possible to keep 2 of these guys then?

also if i deffinetly go throught with the tank upgrade it looks like the final demensions of the tank will be

6 foot long x 2 1/2 wide x 2' 4" tall

so tank volume will be 240 gallons + 50 gallons of sump water.