Reef Substrate


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I know that I am "suposed" to use only sugar sized aragonite for a substrate in my 180 that I am setting up. Heres my dilemma, I want to go with a 3" sand bed that means 270 lbs of sand according to the calculator. Does anyone know of a place that I can buy bulk aragonite or should I just use the Pavestone High Desert sand for Home Depot(99% calcium carb less that 1% silica) and then just order 10-15% live aragonite or GARF grunge?

Any help would be great. Thanks.



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dr fostersmith has oolite sand for ~22$ a bag, shipping maxes out at 17.99. best source Ive found.


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I dont know if it is a option or even legal
in you're area, but i had my grand parents bring me back about 150 pounds of sand of the beach some were in florida
It's very nice looking sand just make sure you give it a very good rinse.

I have also heard of many people using the sand from home depot with good results though there tanks have only been set up for aboutt 6 months now...