Reef Tank Cycling ?


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Hello, I have a few questions about my 210 gallon reef I setup about 2 weeks ago. I added 200 lbs of live sand at the begining. 2 days later I added 100 lbs of cured premium fiji rock and 145 lbs of uncured Lalo rock. Today will be 10 days since adding the rock. I went ahead and installed a Calcium Reactor/ Controller, Ozonizer/ controller and 4 powerheads for wave maker. I changed 65 gallons of water last week when the ammonia levels rose quite high. In the last 24 hours my Ammonia level went form near toxic to 0 but my nitrates went from 0 to 44 this morning. PH is around 8.06. My calcium levels also dropped from about 396 to 251. Redox/ORP is running at 325mv.I have been running 4 96 watt actinics about 8 hours a day sporadic and the last 2 days I ran 3 250 watt 10,000k halides. Do I need to change anymore water or will the nitrates decrease as the rock cures further. Also when is a good time to introduce a cleanup crew to the tank? Any suggestions is appreciated.

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nitrates will drop on theyre own what are your nitrites?

clean up crew? some say after the cycle is completely over. i waited till my ammonia and nitrites were gone, when my diatoms went crazy. (i was at 4 weeks in) im at 5 weeks now and growing

(1 have a mature reef that im changeing out water with the new tank and adding cured rock to tho)


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I am nearing the end of my cycle on my 75g/30g sump. I too experienced hight ammonia and then a sudden drop followed by a spike in nitrites. A few days later my nitrites dropped and my nitrates spiked. I waited a few days, added a turbo snail and 5 astrea snails. My nitrates were around 60-80. I did a 50% water change and my nitrates are around 10-20. 2 of the astrea snails aren't looking so hot.

I read that nitrates can only be removed through water changes. If you have no livestock in the tank, then you can do a mass water change with no effects on the tank.


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Add your cleaners when your amonia and nitrites are 0 and there is green stuff growning (or brown) for them to eat. Don't add your full crew all at once, let the tank dictate how large of a crew you need. Each tank is different.