Reefer wants to set up mantis tank

Addicted Reefer

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Hi to all:

I have a 15 gallon i was using as a hospital tank. I never put copper in it and wanted to get a mantis shrimp i have always been interested in them.

I have a 1 1/2 layer of sand and a few peices of rock but i can add more i have alot i have a 70 watt halide for light. My questions are

Am i taking a risk of the mantis breaking the glass tank?

Since i can not use a DSB what type of filtration do you guys use?

I have a fluval canister filter which is not in use would this work, i am using whispers one with carbon running on it now.

what are the signs of a mantis shrimp being healthy/ good color, eating well ? What do they eat? snails,hermits

What else can i have with the mantis if its nothing i don't care i was just wondering?

It will not kill corals right?

How big of a mantis should i get for a 15 and any soecial care requirments?