Reefkeeper Elite FS


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Decided to go with Apex. For sale is a digital aquatics reefkeeper elite for $150.

Included is the following:

1) Elite V2 head unit
2) PC4
3) PB4
4) SL2
5) Net module
6) Temperature probe
7) 5 bus cables of varying length
8) Reefkeeper lite powerbar (I don't know if this works with the Elite but I assume so). I originally upgraded from the lite to the elite and throwing the extra bar in.

You'll need a pH probe as mine is old. I used this on my nano to set timers and monitor pH (you can use the net module to graph but it's old technology and DA took down their servers when they got bought). If you're looking for a basic controller with a ton of outlets that you can set timers and alarms to, then this will work for you. Cosmetically it's probably a 5/10 so you know what to expect.

Pickup in Glendale; please let me know if you have any questions.


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