reeflux SE 250W 12k


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I change mine every 6 months just to be on the safe side. I run 8 hours/day

Do you have any pics of your tank or corals? I switched over to these bulbs almost two months ago. I'm not too happy with the PAR that they put out but want to see what kind of growth/color they support long term.

Tony Romano

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Color is not good in my tank, I suspect PO4 and NO3 is more problem. When I added GFO color got better.

Wow only 6 months! sps tank?


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I know my DE bulbs last +4000-4500 hrs before i replace them. I use a PAR meter to check them now days before i change em. I was told that most DE bulbs that are driven normally (on the right ballast) will last 3000 hrs before a large color shift.