Reefsafe clam?


Reef Monkey
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I collected some fresh seawater recently, and when I got back home, I noticed this little guy in my bucket (guess he decided to take up swimming). He's been sitting in my QT the past few days, and I was wondering if he was reef safe. Not much to look at, I see them digging through the sand at the beach all the time, but I imagine he's probably a filter feeder, so I was thinking about adding him to my main tank. . .seems benign enough.



He is still alive by the way. I just took him out of the tank for his photo shoot, so he's closed up.

The steven liu

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Almost all the bivalves that I know of are relatively reef save. However, this clam you have collected needs deep sand bed to survive. It is shaped so in order to move swiftly in the sand. It will also need lots of phytoplankton or zooplankton to thrive.