Refugium brand??


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Hi all,

Looking to setup a 110 Reef tank. Was looking at Eshopps vs Trigger systems refugiums. Wondering what the overall opinion is on both. I own a eshopps but hear great things about trigger. Hoping to get some suggestions.


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Is the eshopps you have one of the R-x00 series? That's what I have - got it dirt cheap from a guy exiting the hobby. I like the baffle design but not how it bows when it is plum-full of water. The Triggers sure look nice but for almost 10 times the cost of what I found this eshopps R-300 for I'd have a hard time justifying the difference. Eshopps is a little wider too, which I had plenty of room for. Tank is 105 gallons.

I though about bracing the eshopps but couldn't think of a way to do so, that would be effective anyway.