refugium for adding food to the tank


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hello rc

i have a 30 gallon tank with a strong hob skimmer and want to make the tank sps.

would it be beneficial to add a refugium to feed the tank. i can make the refugium next to the display and was wondering the best setup to add food to the display


Rebmem Deretsiger
If you want to make it sps, ditch the HOB, get a skimmer. I didn't think refugiums were for sps, I thought they were mainly for lps and fish.


It is, what it is.
Sps like high flow low nutrient. Fuge would be good with some macro algae to lower nitrates and phosphates. There is no need for "food" from the fuge for sps


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gotchya, then ill forget the fuge cuz i dont need lower nutrients, i was just think of a food source for them


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I would loose the refuge as well. It's just another space that needs to be kept clean. Chaeto is cool, don't get me wrong, but nobody really wants algae growth when it boils down to it. (coralline aside) Focus on keeping the DT clean. The sump is just a place for a heater, a skimmer, and a return pump. Nothing more IMO. KISS. GL.