refugium one big hair algae ball


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i have massive hair algae in my refugium
i was wondering does it help with nitrates and phosphates like reagular macro algae does
should i pull it out?


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It will, to some extent, but I'd pull it out in favor of cheatomorpha, exporting its collection of nutrients on the spot. Sounds like you have some heavy phosphates floating around.


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It will only remove nutrients if you remove the algae. Chaeto and other macros are much easier to remove, so people generally favor them. I had a massive hair algae bloom in the refugium of a new tank and I completely wiped it out by adding a couple of turbo snails. I moved the snails to the display and now only Chaeto grows in the refugium. It's pretty normal if this is a new tank, or you recently started feeding a lot more.


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yes the tank is fairly new i upgraded 3 months ago i will order some cheato and start pulling out the hair algae
also get a couple turbo snails