Relocating a Tank - How hard is it?


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I am a college student currently living in my parents house while they are in the middle of a two year stint in Africa. I have about two years left in school, and so I will have to move my tank in about a year or two.

My question is: How hard is it going to be to re-locate my tank, fish, rock, sand, & coral, while keeping everything alive and avoiding a cycle. I don't really have anything in the tank yet except a bunch of live sand, and I am getting ready to order rock. I'd hate to add hundreds of dollars of livestock over the next year or two, only to see it all die in transit.


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It's pretty easy. Takes some time and elbow grease but having all the proper things such as containers with heat and flow..

If you have to move any real distance IMO its probably best to clean the sand instead of just dumping it back in.


You can succeed, but it won't be easy in terms of carrying and lifting. Its 10x easier if you're not moving the actual aquarium - less to carry, and you can get everything set up beforehand in the new place.

Another option, if the distance is greater, is finding local reefers and stores which will host your corals and fish temporarily. That way you can move the tank, get everything kosher again, and then move your livestock. Get to know your local reef club.