Remora Microbubbles


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Hi Jason, I ordered a Remora, some DT Phyto, a cleaner shrimp, and some hermit shells from you. Everything but the hermit shells arrived fine, but I'm not going to complain about nine cents (they didn't arrive). My question is this. I have a large number of microbubbles being returned to my tank. How can I fix this? I missed the option of ordering a maxi jet to replace the rio, would replacing the pump help? At present, I have a bag of carbon laying in front of the water flow, which helps a little. Is there some other form of filter (sponge?) that can help?
Hi Jason,

If you just setup the remora, the micro bubbles are pretty normal. OFten new skimmers produce more bubbles for the first 48 hours while they break in, which is basically the acrylic getting a slime coat over it and then the bubbles tend to vanish.

If it's been over 48 hours, then i would make sure you do not have any water conditioner in the water, like stress coat, etc, it makes excess bubbles. If you don't have anything like that, then i would recommend getting the bubble trap. Usually it's not needed, but chemistry for each tank is different and some tanks just make more bubbles on skimmers then other, reason ????. The maxijet pump change would still produce the bubbles, possibly more since it's a little more powerful, but the bubble trap will fix it for either pump.

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Are you talking about the surface prefilter? Thats the only thing I can find as an accessory. Will it help?

Yes, that's the item you want. It skims the surface water to make it skim better, then when the water returns, it goes through the bubble trap box with a sponge inside, so very few bubbles make it through,

Just an FYI, it solved the bubble problem but quit skimming. Strangest thing, I put it on and no skimmate at all. The only thing that makes sense, is that it was drawing water from the return some how. I ordered a maxijet 1200 from you to replace the rio anyway, so I'll not be able to use the preskimmer. I just can't stand the amount of noise that rio produces. I may just try and build an accrylic return overflow for it myself, to solve the bubble problem. Oh, removing the preskimmer produced lots of skimmate.