Remote Calicum Reactor


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I'm thinking of moving up to a calcium reactor for my 50 cube

I presently have ATO and AWC tanks on a lower level. I use 1/4" RO Tubing to the tank sump area (3 lines presently.) I also run the Apex network, so have Apex sensors in both locations.

My basement station is about 30 feet of total run with 14' of lift from the DT. I can run more RO type lines easy enough.

Anyone running a calcium reactor remotely?


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Years ago I did. 1/4 inch line does tend to clog if you don’t prefilter it. And even then you will want some pressure behind it to overcome the restriction. Also keep in mind you will be raising the pressure of the container by about 7 psi. Not much but some crappy seals could fail.