Remove canister filter with no sump?


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I'm currently having quite the problem with hair algae in my tank, as well as cyano.

Unfortunately when I setup the tank 7 months ago, I was given bad advise from the LFS I used to goto... to use a canister filter. I can see why they wanted to sell it, it was $300.

At any rate, I definitely do not clean it as often as I should (monthly:sad1:), just because it is a huge PITA. I want to remove it totally from my system, as the last time I cleaned it out, it blew a ton of crap back in and caused a near crash.

Would it be safe to take the filter off-line and remove it totally in one shot, or should I remove media weekly until empty? It has bio-media in it, as well as the sponge. Eheim Pro 3 canister. I eventually want to add a sump, but I need to find a way to shoehorn one in the stand and get an overflow box.

Tank info:

75 Gallon (not drilled)
60 - 70 lbs LR
2" Sandbed (sugar size. :headwally:)
HOB Skimmer
Koralia 750 and Koralia 400 powerheads

2 Ocellaris Clowns
3 Azure Damsels
1 Twin spot goby
1 Mandarin goby
1 lawnmower goby
1 Mystery Wrasse
1 Snowflake moray eel

I have a mix of zoas, LPS and SPS corals. Bunch of snails, small hermits and 3 emerald crabs as well. I am aware I am a bit overstocked for the age of the tank, but it has been running at this level for around 3 months. Hair algae is starting to grow in one area - quickly, and I'm cleaning my glass every 2 - 3 days. Water params SG: 1.026, Ammo: 0 dKH: 8 and I'm going out to buy a Nitrate test kit tonight.

Thoughts on sumpless and no canister? I'll probably gut the canister and put in GFO for the time being, until I can get a reactor.
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If you're not running any bio media in it,then you can take it right off. But where will you run carbon if you have no sump?


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If you could get the sponge out that would be best...with it having biomedia remove portions at a time...your live rock will take over. Canister filters can be a great way to filter tank water with carbon/purigen.


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Thanks swcc - I figured that was what I needed to do.

As for running carbon and GFO, I'm going to be buying the BRS dual reactor next week for that purpose, and just (unfortunately) have the MJ1200 sitting in the display. It'll be moved to the sump when I can figure out how to shove one in the stand - first tank learning curves. :facepalm:


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Sounds like youre going down the right path, by getting the reactor. I'd take the canister off line, and let the rock do the work for you. Throw some carbon/GFO in the reactor and you're set!