Remove refugium sandbed?


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I'm considering removing my sand bed. It's about 4-5 inches deep. I also gave a piece if liverock in there with chaeto. I'm considering removing the sand. Looking for pros and cons. Is there a way to safely remove the sand at one time without harming my system?


Team RC
You should be able to vacuum it all out at once without any harm to the system. You are going to lose some denitrifying capacity in the tank so watch your nitrate levels closely after the removal and be ready to make a few more than usual water changes. You should remove all the water along with the sand in the sump section with the DSB since the water is going to be fouled by the detritus in the sand.


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So it sounds like its not a very good idea. I don't want to mess up the system. Was just thinking it was a detritus collector down there. Very little flow through the fuge so I'm assuming it all settles on the bottom


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Add some snails and crabs down there. Mine is loaded---not pretty, but it is REAL effective. That 20 gallon sandbed can carry my whole 50 gallon tank (given also I have the rock in the dt) ---as it did during a sandbed change in the main tank. One organism's detritus is another organism's banquet. A couple of nassarius snails might help you.