Replacement Bearings for Danner Mag pumps?


Seems like every couple of years the little rubber bearings (end caps that slip on each end of the ceramic shaft of the impeller assembly) in my Mag pumps shrink and harden.

I have to purchase a complete new impeller assembly for $20-$30 instead of replacing these $.50 cent pieces. But I do not see them sold as replacement parts anywhere.

Has anybody figure out a substitute or DIY bearing?


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The only Danner pump I have is currently in my pond. A mag 12 that has been going forever. Got any pictures of what you are talking about?


Above is a pic of the rubber bearing on the impeller end of the assembly. This bearing fits into a little cup in the front pump cover.

There is a matching bearing on the rear of the impeller assembly that fits into a recessed hole in the back of the pump.

When these are new, they have a snug fit into their respective holders, which keeps the shaft centered and stable. Over time, these rubber bearings seem to compress and shrink. This results in some "play" where they are no longer captured firmly. The shaft wobbles and eventually the impeller will not start and turn.

Below is a pic of the bearings removed from the ceramic shaft.


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Vinny Kreyling

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I had the same problem with Aquabee pumps on my skimmer (3). Took some time before the old brain kicked in but I did manage a fix.
Take some Teflon tape, the narrow stuff, fold it in 1/2 & wrap the rubber bushing until it is a tight fit in the hole, top & bottom ends.
That should make things centered again it it's off to the races. The newer Aquabees now have a ceramic bushing inside the rubber & the same fix applies there.
You could also try Danner direct for help.


Hi Vinny,

In this case, one of the three struts that holds the bearing cup in the front impeller cover failed and the cup came apart. When the pump was started, what had been a rattle was instead a sudden louder sound, then nothing... The bearing had escaped the cup and the ceramic shaft broke in half.

I had ordered a new impeller and front cover and the pump is rebuilt and installed back into my salt water mixing container.

I have other Mag pumps in service. When the next one starts acting up, I'll try the Teflon wrap and report back.