replacement MH bulb questions...


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We are getting ready to replace our MH bulbs for the first time and we are hoping to get some advice on where to buy and what to buy. We have the Coralife Aqualite Pro which came with 3 150W 10K bulbs, 4 96W Actinics and 4 moonlights. I've heard good reports of coral growth going to a 14K but won't that change the color of what I'm used to? I've also been told that since we run actinics that we should stay with the 10K.
So what do you all think? Also, is there a certain brand I should look for and a certain vendor I should use? There seems to be big differences in bulb prices but is it the old "you get what you pay for" thing or are they all the same?

Any help is much appreciated.


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i dont really know what bulbs are better or anything, but i do know that a 14K bulb would appear more blue than just a 10K. My guess is that the actinics you have might make it a little too blue...maybe not.