Replacement pump for Super Reef Octopus SRO 3000sss


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My 10 year old Bubble Blaster 3000 in my SRO 3000sss (space saver) recently died. I’m having an extremely difficult time finding another in stock. I’ve even contacted the manufacturer to that end who cited unknown delay due to demand and supply issues. I love my skimmer so I have the following questions that one of you folks may be able to answer:

1. Does anyone know an online retailer that has a BB 3000 (HY3000) for sale?

2. If no on Q. 1, does anyone know if the next size pump, the BB 5000 (HY5000), will fit inside my SRO 3000?

3. Does anyone know if one of the Varios pumps (I believe the model 4) would fit and work inside my SRO 3000?

Thanks for your help!