Replacing bracing with eurobracingon 8' tank


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I have an 8' Oceanview 240 that I bought used on which I decided to replace the front pane with Starphire (had been extensively scratched). It is currently at the shop for a local tank builder awaiting the starphire pane. The tank has 1/2" glass and uses 2-2" braces at the very ends and 2- 12" braces on both the bottom and top at around 3 and 6 feet.

Was idly considering switching to eurobracing for convenience and access to the tank. Would still keeep the bottom supports (which is literally a one foot pane on top of the bottom of the glass) since they aren't hurting anything.
Not a priority and am getting the shops opinion (and price) as well, but was curious what the more experienced people here thought. Not willing to sacrifice any stability for this.