Replacing MH/VHO lights on my 210 G reef tank


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Looking to replace my MH/VHO lights on my 210 G reef tank (72x24x26). Currently running 3x250w 10K MH and 2 super actinic T12 VHO. Suggestions for LED or LED/T5 combo?


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I run 2 kessil 160w and 4 t5 lights on my 75.
I use the ATI bulbs 2 coral plus and 2 blue plus if I remember right.

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SuperActinic for the T5's? Any suggestion on make?

You have opened a can of worms here.

T5 are the king of growth

LED are the king of pop

MH is the king of overall awesomeness.

I run all 3.

I will tell you this:

Moving off of 10K MH is going to make your tank look dramatically different. LEDs don’t look anywhere near as bright as MH but as a 10K MH user you can very easily burn your corals under LED in a tank that looks dim to you.