Request for Pacific Diving/Snorkeling Ideas


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Just got back from a snorkeling trip on the North Shore of Kauai.

We loved the Mountains and looking at the waterfalls on the North Shore.

We're thinking of getting certified and then heading to other islands in the Pacific.

Can you give me some recommendations for other Pacific islands that have the beauty like the North Shore of Kauai?

Hopefully, islands with that kind of beauty also have decent reefs to snorkel or dive on.

We were thinking maybe some place in Fiji would fit the bill; but, we have never been there.

Thanks in advance for your replies.



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Yap and galopogos. IMHO I would get certified in Maui and learn how to become a good diver so when you spend the time and money you can enjoy it without worrying about bouancy and your air consumption. It will be probally 50 dives min untill you become proficant at those skills.
My instructer told me,a scuba card doesnt mean or make you a good diver, it just means you can now die or injure yourself without anyone elses help.


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Just head a little South East from where you are to the Big Island, just got back from my second trip there, the scuba was great.


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Well, I personally have only been to Hawaii (where I snorkelled) and North QLD australia (townsville, cairns), and I have to say that although the great barrier reef is quite amazing. Cairns has more of the rainforest feel being farther north, and there's some very good dive trips out of there.



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If you're ever back on island, the North Shore at Tunnels is a good SCUBA and snorkel spot. On the south side, Koloa Landing for diving, Poipu or Lawai (aka Beachhouse beach) are good snorkel spots. You can dive at Lawai, its just really shallow. There's also decent snorkeling at Salt Pond park.