restart 110


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had a tank in the past setup torn down due to circumstances. need a new start been searching and reading alot. had an ro unit set up on the wall never went dry took a reading from it today it said 003ppm. so i hopefully can begin. the rock is all dry so i need to do a good scrubbing. will mix water as soon as i get back from the store. wife used the trash can for leaves last year, i was using for water. the rock totals about 75lbs dry and planning on adding 40 or so live rock. the sand is from the bag aragonite but planning on seeding with some more live sand. does this sound right.

equipment so far
seachem tests
cpr refuge with light
cpr 90 overflow box
current light 2 150 halides and 2 power compacts with lunar lights
2 power heads korolla

need equipment?

any advice is needed and appreciated want a reef tank.


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i dont think you can grow all corals with that lighting. Also, i would be sure to give that trash can your wife used a good scrubbing. Since you are restarting too, do you know if you can drill this tank and add a sump? for a tank that big a sump would be great :)