Restarting after Fighting Cancer!


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So 14 months ago, at 33 years old, I had the shock of my life when I was diagnosed with AML leukemia. Given 4% chance of survival, here we are! I'm feeling good and slowly getting back into the swing of things!

I have always dreamed of having a shallow reef so seeing as I am in remission at the moment! it's time to start planning my dream :) I am thinking max 45 gallons. This will definately be a BUDGET tank. Nothing too fancy. Hoping to get back to work in 6 months time if all remains stable :)

Id love to see some shallow reefs or tanks you guys might have ! I need all the inspiration and motivation I can get!

If interested in donating/sharing or just reading my story i've attached the gofundme link. Please do not feel obligated to donate! I simply want to spread the word that beating cancer IS possible!

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I had my own bout with it, different type, during 2020. Lovely year. Also doing well, and trying to keep my 100 gallon reef back in shape. My advice is build your reef, then get a cleanup crew to keep the algae under control, and then add either corals or fish or both little at a time, with quarantine and procedure for the fish: we know from fighting cancer that little problems can become towering problems if neglected, so take that step to be sure of your fishes. And dip your corals. And start small re the corals. I recommend softies for minimal care---but they are also fussy about environment. Test weekly, at least as far as the Big Three, alk, cal, and magnesium---good readings for same are in my sig line. And get corals that match your lighting capacity---stony large-polyp is good at 10,000 k at a range of 9-15", as I recall from my lps tank. Softies are more forgiving, but still fussy about lighting. Your best fishes for a 45 will be blennies, gobies, basslets like the royal gramma, small clowns, and one--!!!---blue chromis: they run about madly and reassure the others there are no sharks. HTH.

You might also consider joining a reef club in your area: they are a great source of advice, commiseration, and spare equipment---the people who will help if you have a tank crisis on New Year's Eve. Well worth the investment of time.


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Thanks for reply and hints bud! Ive planned out the whole thing actually :) the only issue im having at the moment is finding someone to build my aquarium within a reasonable amount. Prices are all over the place.

If you know of anyone who builds shallow aquariums in canada let me know!

Thanks and I hope to have some pictures soon!