Return from chiller outlet ?


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I recently purchased a used chiller and it did not come with directions. I looked on the company's website and the PDF version of the manual is very hard to read even when blown up!

For those that have chillers where do you have the outlet of the chiller flowing to into the tank or the sump?

My chiller is fed off of the main return to the tank and the flow is adjusted by a valve. Earlier today I had the return to the sump, but then changed to the tank. Now when my tank goes into feed mode the chiller return seems to be draining too much into my sump.

Would it be OK to put a check valve on the chiller outlet going to the tank if that is the best place to return or should I just feed the return to the sump?



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I would have it go to the tank if you want to keep you cycles down, the more, a check value should be fine.