Return line


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For people with tanks drilled for return lines:

How do you keep the water from pouring back into the sump during a power or pump failure? Do you just make the return pipe rise above the water level and before connecting it to the return bulkhead? Or is there some kind of check valve that can be used? Or just nothing at all?


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I believe there is a lot of ways to achieve this. A check valve is one. But I personally would but all my faith in a check valve. I read some where about drilling small holes in your return lines right at the surface to break the siphon, I have know idea if that works. But most important in case everything fails its a good idea to make sure that your sump can handle the amount of water that will siphon back from your tank. The higher up your return lines are the less water will return into your sump.


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yep i drilled a small 1/8" hole in my returns to prevent to much siphon...your gonna get some but you can easily control how much...

simply drill a small 1/8" or even slightly larger hole in your retrun line(s) about a 1/4" - 1/2 or so below the water surface...that way you dont get water spraying out the hole into your canopy...and when the power goes off, your returns will only siphon out until the water drops below the holes you drilled..