?return pump questions?


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Looking for suggestions:
I need a return pump to go along with my new refugium/sump.
tank is a 40g and sump is a 15g.

Overflow is a lifereef hob rated 0-700gph - 1" drain.

Skimmer pump is rated @ 660gph.

I have a rio 2100 that is rated @ 692gph with a max. head of 8'.
I figure I will need to be pumping the water back to the display tank at a height of about 38".
I used the rc calculator and came up with 301gph using 4' of head height and 3/4" return line.

Will the rio work or should i be looking into something else?
I know that sump flow should be about 3x to 5x correct?
I don't think I need a lot of flow from the sump; I do have 2 Tunze nano's 6025 in the display tank.

I'm thinking about using 3/4" lockline on the return; possibly a wavy sea?
Comments, suggestions??


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You'll be fine imo, it doesn't hurt to give it a shot and save a few bux. You'll know if its not good quick as your utube will get bubbles in it.


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Yeah that is kind of what i was thinking if I can save the $$ on a new pump that would be cool more cash for frags.
It just that this is the first time i have set up one of these and wanted to make sure i was on the right track.


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i use a rio 2100 for my 90 now im using a mag5 .. but now my sump is about 3 time the size as before