Return pump, Sicce syncra 5 vs Laguna Max Flo 2400


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Hello everyone, I am looking at 2 used pumps, both barely used, but not sure which one would be better for my return pump.

I have 120G and will be using 40B as a sump most likely. I was looking at around 5x turnover rate through the sump, so about 600 GPH. Water will be pumped up from sump to DT around 4.5 - 5 feet.

Sicce Syncra 5 would give me about 1000 GPH at that height and Laguna Max Flow 2400 would give about 1700 GPH, so both more than enough. Sicce could be dialed back via power adjustment, while Laguna could be dialed back via gate valve.

Which of these 2 would you recommend? Price difference would be about $40 (Laguna being cheaper)



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Although I do like Sicce pumps, I’d definitely go for the Laguna Max Flo. It’s cheaper, provides more flow, is extremely quiet (definitely quieter than the Sicce) and uses a bombproof Askoll motor block.