Return pump too big on 250g tank


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I have a 250g dual overflow tank that runs down into my basement to my sump and is returned by a Reeflo Barracuda/hammerhead pump. I have the barracuda propeller in and it is pushing up water faster than it can return it. Currently it runs up to the floor joist 7 feet up and then over 8 feet then back up to the thank about 4 feet up. Any way to increase flow back down to the tank?


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How are your drains configured? You either need to have greater drain capacity or throttle back the pump? If you are running a pair of durso stand pipes, then they're going to max out at about 1,400 gph (even that's pushing things) assuming they're 1" bulkheads. Unfamiliar with the flow on that pump, but clearly it's too much.

Not sure I see a truly safe solution other than getting a smaller pump. Unless you want to chuck the corner overflows and go C2C/BA.


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I have the same pump and close to the same head......throttle your pump back by putting a ball valve on the outlet of your pump. I had to close mine about 2/3rds until I started using it to control other accessories. What size outlet pipe up to your returns of your tank do you have? I did 1.25 pipe and dropped down to 3/4" for the returns just under the bulkhead.



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why not just T off the main supply pipe back to the DT and bleed back to the sump that way you dont have to throttle back the pump !!
Ball valve on the end and you can adjust the flow going back to the DT:rollface:


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Siphon overflows. Implement a joint or twin herbies. Silent and can handle all your flow issues. search for twin, balanced, or joint herbie.