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Hi all

I’m considering returning to the hobby. I broke down my 1000 gallon system a couple of years ago and moved from Pennsylvania to Washington. I live on the shore of the Strait of Juan de Fuca which is fairly healthy and diverse. I’m considering setting up a native species aquarium. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Welcome back! I have no idea on creating a local species tank other than you may need a chiller as I’d believe it to be colder water species and may look at your local fishing regulations for collection of organisms

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You'll definitely need a chiller to keep the tank at the appropriate temp for NW species. Check with the local laws on collecting and keeping local organisms. It may also be a good idea to visit nearby fish/pet stores to see if they offer any local sea life. You won't be able to use aquacultured live rock because it's all harvested from Indo-Pacific and Carribean, South Florida sea temps. The chilly northern Pacific sea temps would kill all of the beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in and on the rocks.


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Interesting, but aren’t those fish like long cod and sea bass and halibut way to big?
Or maybe not if your running 1000g, that’s big waters.

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That does sound cool! There a lot of colorful anemones up there, as well as gorgeous macro algae. Find out the local collection laws. In some places all you need is a fishing license, other places require more. Should be doable. Do it!