Revamping Lights


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:mixed:I have a Jebo Odyssea lighting fixture that has 2 different light sticks in it. 1 that came with it is a CF 65 watt 50/50 Smartlamp, and the other I had to buy cause the first 1 was shattered when I bought the fixture it is a Blue Life 65w 10,000k/ actinic 03 straight pin. What I would like to do is change this fixture completely to where I can put in 2 MH bulbs that are half blue half white. Right now it looks like this

__Actinic__ ___Actinic___
__white__ ___White 10000___

What I want it to be is

That way I have plenty of lighting for when I can get corals. I dont have enough lighting in the tank right now. Can anyone give me any hints on what to do? Any advise would be well worth it to me. Thank you in advance.