Revitalizing a bleached, starved anemone....


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2020 and 21 were two bad years---Covid quarantine kept me from getting supplies and cancer treatment (successful!) kept me from sufficient strength to do more than fill an autofeeder for my 102 gallon reef. Fish survived. But the nem vanished, assumed dead. And I didn't have the strength to cope.

When I got my strength back this summer, and cleaned up the tank with an injection of a massive cleaning crew (snails and hermits) as well as aggressive daily 10% water changes, lo, up pops what I thought was one surviving mushroom.

Nay. It was a no-tentacles completely (and white except for 3-4 nubs) bubbletip anemone. I had some Brightwell Coral Amino (3 years old) and some Reef Frenzy coral food (same vintage) as well as frozens which I microwave (15 seconds) in a sake cup and toss in as a cloud of bits and particles. The nem stayed, (though wandering wildly over a rock spire) and shaded itself in a nook, but color began, over 2 weeks, to spread over to the other side of its pitiful disc. (It used to be the size of your fist, and now was like a small mushroom with no tentacles.) Totally bleached but for a spot of irridescent pink. Now 2 spots.

Every day, 4 droppers full of Coral Amino and the CF and the frozen fish food.

It finally picked a spot and stayed for a week. Then vanished again. It has now reappeared after another week (the feeding routine continues, visible nem or not) and lo! its disc which used to have 2 rows of nubs now has 3, and slightly larger ones, with color spreading through them.

We are on a good trajectory with this creature. I'm ordering more Coral Amino and another Brightwell Coral tissue regeneration food.

Thought this experience might help others.

It would be nice if the ocellaris clowns would help feed it, but no, never have taken to it, because....clowns.They prefer a rock outcrop in the corner. That's ok. This is a very pretty nem when it's healthy.


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This is a great story! Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. Maybe take progress pics and share after it has fully recovered. Others will be encouraged by how much they can bounce back from.

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