Richard and Mary "Rock"!


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Just received the first installment of the 150 gallon package from TBS. Hopefully pics come through. Stunning colors and life on the rock and if is the "basic" rock I can't wait to see the more impressive stuff.
You guys at TBS rule...I wanted some large pieces for a foundation and, as you can see, that's what I got. The center piece was 80+ lbs. Being new to this I'm not sure what all is alive in there but there are alot of sponges and corals evident. Left the rock out for about 20min and picked off some crabs (~ 20) but no mantis shrimp. I do have the "clicking" thing going on but only hope it's a pistol shrimp.
The shipment came through unscathed with one styrfoam box cracked but no leaks at all. Very little die off....ammonia has been pretty steady at 0.25 since day 2 and no change...wish it would hurry and cycle.

Richard and Mary..My hat's off to you. Thank you for a pleasant experience and the personal help.
I look forward to seeing some photos :)

Richard and Mary are GREAT, I too have nothing but great things to say for them, their service and product are awesome.
Oh...before Rich comes on and corrects you...they have no 'base' or 'basic' rock in their Packages. They have only Decor and Coral rock. :D

I wonder how many times a day Rich makes that correction. :D


Andy :wildone:
Thanks for this post, but please put up some pictures. I am just starting my new 155 gallon and I am considering going with TBS too.
maybe you could put some in your gallery as well so we can take a peek there...just a thought