Ridiculous pH swings


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I'm just getting my reef tank up and running and am experiencing some pretty radical pH swings that I would love to find some explanation for.

First - I've been running for about 6 weeks now w/ an aragonite (sp) sand base, and some live sand. Two weeks ago I added ~40 pounds of live rock (don't ask about the mantis shrimp). That's it.

Everything has looked fine, but, last Thursday, I got my shiny new Apex unit and placed it in the sump. For a day, the pH readings looked spot on... then they turned into a jagged mess, jumping between ~7 and ~9. Knowing that I need to be getting in the habit of water changes, I did about a 15% change. PHP immediately became a solid 8.4... until about 2:30AM last night - then, in a span of ~30 minutes, raised to 9, and then, about an hour later, to 10. It remained there will about 5:30AM, then fell like a rock to 8.2 and just been up and down all day since then.

Prior to the Apex arriving I was using a decent test kit and the pH looked ok... now that I see numbers, I'm not sure if I should be believing them, or if there's something wrong w/ my probe (or the placement of the probe).

Everything else looks fine.

A few other pieces of information -

1. The tank is a Zeroedge ~80gallon tank. Lots of aeration.
2. I installed a Geo calcium reactor this weekend, but turned it off when I started to see fluctuation. Turning it off had no effect.
3. Yes, I have a protein skimmer.
4. Topoff is RO/DI water, currently pumping through an empty GEO kalkwasser reactor.

Any ideas/explanation would be greatly appreciated. I had thought I was approaching a point where things were stable, but it appears that may not be the case. That, or my pH probe is very unhappy.

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Does the ph tester you are using compensate for temperature? you could also try running a light on your sump in reverse of your main tank aka tank on during day sump on at night. this may help a little


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You should run a reverse light cycle on your refugium, not your sump.
Sumps don't have lights.


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Actually, my sump has an attached refugium compartment :)

I've set the light cycle to be opposite the main tank lights... but I thought the pH was supposed to *decrease* at night, not spike like crazy?

I'm starting to wonder about the pH probe (neptune systems standard grade). I moved it to the refugium when I got home this evening, and the reading immediately stabilized at around ~8.5... no dips... no minute-to-minute swings. The refugium is fed off of the same compartment that the probe *was* in and the refugium flow is great, so... I'm at a loss.


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Little tiny clarification...

Little tiny clarification...

I didn't put the Apex IN the sump... just the probes :)


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Re: Little tiny clarification...

Re: Little tiny clarification...

<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=15433901#post15433901 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by growlf
I didn't put the Apex IN the sump... just the probes :)
Good piont LOL

my pinpiont will do this if it needs to be calibrated or needs a battery

how did you calibrate it