Rimless tanks


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anyone around here have a rimless tank? where did you get it? any worried with it blowing out or anything?
Im considering a glasscages.com tank ( I have heard horror stories as well as some good experiences. Ive narrowed the issue down to mainly non cured silicone)
Any resources or info would be greatly appreciated.


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i have a DIY 60g rimless made from 1" thick acrylic,it is 32x32x16 and does have about a 1/8" bow in the middle.most rimless acrylic tanks will have a small bow.brucem has a 240 rimless made by A.G.E.(acrylic and glass exhibits)that is made from 1/2" starphire glass.i would avoid a GC rimless tank,i priced one out and it was almost as much as the AGE tank was.plus they have a horrible reputation IMO.i would suggest you contact AGE or some other high end tank maker.if money isnt an issue id say ELOS rimless :D


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I've got a custom 90 gallon rimless with 3/4" acrylic. I've got about 1/4" bow but no problems. Its not that noticeable. I had it custom made from Premium Aquatics when I lived in Indy. I've had it for about 4 years now I'd say. Just polished it up and it looks brand new again. Just about to fill'er up again.


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There was a guy who had a 240g rimless Glass Cages tank that failed on him. One of the seams went only after about a month and it wasn't related to an uneven stand. There seams are also very sloppy which really stands out on a rimless tank.

I am all for AGE tanks. They build one of the best rimless tanks out there for the money. There seams are very clean and they make the bottoms out of HD PVC. If money isn't an object then ELOS makes some amazing all in one rimless tank setups.


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I have a custom 1" thick acrylic 40 gallon shallow rimless cube, I don't see any bowing at all, built like a tank. Made by MRC, good luck!


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Im also interested in a rimless tank, im looking for something between 60 and 70 gallons, and i actully contacted AGE to find out they dont deal directly to the public. But it does seem they have very high standards.

Hosser did u find any dealers in the Tampa area for AGE?


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I just bought a rimless glasscages tank a few months ago and love it. The glass they use is very thick which I like. The silicone on mine was very clean, but always get a kick out of people complaining about them being a little sloppy.....how hard is it to razorblade the excess off? For the money and cheap shipping you can't beat them


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UF reefer would you by any chance have some pictures? Im still not sold on acrylic but it looks like a consensus is to go that route for what I want to do .
I was told to contact John at FAOIS for a quote for those intrested from AGE.


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If anybody wants to see a age let me know you are more than welcome to come over to see mine. I will tell you get what you pay for. The build quality is second to none on age tanks


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How big is your tank? Did you go with there "starphire" glass?

It's small 24x20x12 and I just went with the regular glass...not starphire.