Rio Pump impellers freezing


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Has anyone had any problems with Rio Pumps impellers freezing up after not being used for a while. I went to change out a Rio 1400 on my frag tank to a Rio 17HF and the impeller would not spin. I then tried a Rio 20HF pump and the same thing was wrong with that one as well. The pumps were both used one month ago and put away into the garage. Is it normal for these impellers to lock up?
Where the impeller spins on the plastic or metal rod has expanded or something because it doesn't spin anymore. One of the pumps was only used for 1 week before I put it into the garage.
Try soaking the impellar (and the pump) in a vinegar/water solution. The acid in the vinegar should free up the impellar. Sometimes the saltware evaporated and the remaining salt will freeze the impellar. I cannot imagine two pumps going bad at the same time, so I am sure it is either salt creep or calcium build up. Either way vinegar should do the trick. :)