RIP Muddy!


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Came home to find my diamond watchman goby missing (aka muddy mud skipper, he was named this by my little brother because he looked/acted like the character on ren and stimpy) first thought was he may have tried to jump out. nothing around the tank. then i notice what looks like a coral i had never seen before, but it was his tail sticking up. AND there was a hermit crab feasting on him, god rest his little soul. :( anyways, it appears as tho he tried to squeeze in a hole in my LR that was too small and couldnt ''back out'' after he was in there. anyone else had this type of problem w/ a goby? i know they like to get into small holes and hide out, but not up on the rocks, only near the sand. not sure if i should replace him just yet, but im afraid my gramma might get lonely, as they always tortured eachother, playfully of course.

RIP Muddy Mudskipper