RIP Ranginute “Randy Wolfe” OG SLASH'r


Keeping Kristina "koostina" & family in our thoughts and prayers. Randy was one of our originals that moved from the area, yet still stayed in touch. He was a guy that was larger than life, someone who leaves lasting memories of good times in your heart. An amazing man who was always big on faith, family, friends and having a good time. The guy had a tough hill to climb with his health, beat a lot of odds, cherished every day living; not sudden, but death is never easy. I swear if Randy is singing karaoke when I get to the afterlife, I will be laughing my a$$ off. :lmao: RIP friend.

Bumping some old threads which may bring some old crazies out of the woodwork.



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Sorry to hear! Thanks Rams for letting us know. Randy was a great guy!!


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To this day day I still randomly break out in a Micheal Jackson rendition due to Randy. I only met the guy twice but he was definitely a larger than life personality. Rest In Peace Ranginute!