Ripped Yellow Tang? (pics)


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Check out the rib looking pattern on the fish below. It's hard to see in those pics, but the pattern doesn't look actually looks more muscular, like its been working out and has six-pack abs. Seriously. The lateral line is also very clear and defined with no erosion.

Any idea what causes this? Also, notice the cavitation between the gill and eye. The white areas on the 2nd pick turn bright yellow during feeding time and match the rest of the fish. As you can see the fins are in great shape. I included the 3rd pic to show the fatness factor of this fish isn't skinny.

This fish has grown a lot in the last few months and these symptoms just showed up in the last 2 to 3 weeks. We've had it for about 18 months. It is very active and is eating well. I've been reading info on HLLE but that "rib" pattern doesn't seem to fit that condition.





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Looks very healthy, that is what nice tangs look like. People who say fat fish are unhealthy are wrong, this is an example. They are constantly moving and have muscle. Tangs are actually eaten in other countries (the larger ones). They don't sit around like us humans they are constantly moving, hence the muscle.

The only thing are those white patches rough looking or smooth like the rest of the fish? If they are rough I would be concerned, if not it may just be the color of this particular fish. Also did it always have the white?

Either way nice fish, if they white bothers you and it isn't rough like HLLE, then you may want to try some color enhancing foods. Otherwise great looking fish.


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Hi there, nice fish. My yellow tang is just as thick set and has the lines. The white could be as tcmfish stated and just his colour.


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cool...thanks for the replies.

Yes, the white areas are smooth and he always had some white which has spread a bit the last few months. Seems to depend on the time of day.

I'm going to increase the color enhancing food. Too bad it doesn't like to eat sinking pellets like New Life Spectrum. It'll eat pretty much anything else. Spirulina on the way.


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Excellent photography there....

Reading this made me go all the way downstairs for a closer look at my yellow tang.

Yup...he looks just like that. (except no whiteish areas)