RKL for 2-part dosing pumps?


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I have the RKL already, and all four outlets on the PC-4 are being used. Can I buy an expansion module that would be suitable for dosing 2-part?

I just had a near catastrophe with one of the digital timers I've been using til now.


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Of course! It's the PC4, and it's an additional "power strip" like you currently have. It simply plugs into the bus terminal (where the controller plugs in) and shows up on the screen. There aren't really any well spelled out instructions or directions for these things unfortunately.


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That's for sure .... it was an epic PITA getting the RKL up and running initially. But no complaints ever since, and that's what matters.

Any insight as to the cheapest place to get that PC4?


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Not sure on the cheapest place, but just a word of caution, make sure the dosing pumps are plugged into channels 1 or 4 on your PC4s. There is a chance they may stick on if plugged into channels 2 or 3. Once you figure out the programming they are relatively simple to operate dosing pumps on them. Good luck.


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Yes you can add a second PC4, the RKL can control 4 devices such as 3 PC4's and a SL1 or SL2. I was having trouble setting up my RKL but the DA support forum and FAQ helped a ton. Also have you done the update with the SID 2.0 and myReef? If not and you are running the old V 1.03 software, do the update. Makes programming a lot easier and adds a few new functions.The DA forum can also guide your through programing for the dosing pumps. Yes use channels 1 and 4.


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I thought you had to send the sid in if it was not a 2.0 unit ?Ah u said software .... As a result you cannot run my reef . A buddy had the older sid / borrowed mine and I walked him over the phone . He is sending his in to get the new one so all will be kosher when he runs my reef the next time.
+2 on channels 1 and 4 .Something about solid state components blah , blah . Hooking up my ato drive me bonkers . I kept going back and forth between 2 and 3 . LOL . I did have to get a float switch, / hub or splitter, switch adapter plus SL1 to make this happen .
Anywho I think it can be done with another pc 4 using channels 1 and 4 (as stated earlier ) and muti-timer mode . U will have to calibrate timing and output based on the dosing pumps .

I did not use that option for the RKL . I have balling salts ,so a BM TM-01 is on the way .
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