ro/di acceptable ppm reading


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when using your ro/di to top off what tds reading shoul it have inorder for it to be safe for reef and fish. I just had a reading of 12ppm , i use to get 0 out of it , but is it safe ?


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You really want 0 all the time. If you keep using it for long, the TDS will keep going up and you may get an algae bloom.


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Do you have a reading before and after the DI stage. You might just need to change the DI resin.


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On my RO/DI 4 stage unit I run a 5 micron prefilter and a AC whole house filter then the 4 stage, with a second DI HS, I just got a TDS meter in and out probes. I have found when you first start making water the readings on the out let were running 27. 387 in, after 30 minutes the out let was down to 2, a RO membrane takes some time/ water flow to be totally efficient, that is why allot of people with auto top offs have problems, it is only adding a gallon or 2 and then shuts off, but the RO is not working to full capacity yet as far as removing TDS.


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depending on your Pre RO readings, you post RO usually hits between 6 and 12ppm (there is a definite difference in RO membranes)

Most DI units will hold about 3000p and are close to 100% efficient until saturated. At which point the unit needs new DI media.

My Pre RO reads 175ppm / post RO is 6 /Post DI 0