RO/DI exploded all over the kitchen...


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I am 500 miles from home... and I got the phone call...

Everytime you leave there is a flood. I am sick of your stuff flooding my house, and it is never when you are home. I am going to pull everything you have done down and shove it up xxxxxx ...

You get the idea on how the call went. I have no real idea on how bad the flood was, but she said it was coming form the chamber labled Carbon filter. That would be before the membrane, so there could be a lot of water flowing out of that damn thing.

I feel so bad for her, it never happens happens when I am home. The last time was my new MCE600 over flowing and draining 5 gallons of water into the family room. Now it is this. She is going to make me sell it all brefore I ever get it going...Why does Murphy hate me so?


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Was she able to get it all turned off? I live in RSM and could swing by and lend a hand if needed.


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yea, once she stopped yelling I walked her through shut down, thanks for the offer!

I will be bringing her home something nice, that is for sure!


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just get her one of those expensive little teacup dogs, she'll forget the whole thing ever happened. lol...


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are you willing to part out? :D jk.

no thats funny.. lol:D